Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's nice to just stay home!

Hey guyssss! Gosh, why is my poll on the left not working?! It says Google Error...booo :( Anyways, it's such a nice day outside..only 83 degrees! So weird considering that it was close to 100 degrees the past few days -_-" I'm just relaxing on my couch right now in front of the fan. My boyfriend and I played Halo 3 story mode together earlier hahaha. It was pretty fun even though I am a slow player (I kept getting lost). But he was patient with me and just laughed it off :)

Mmmmm we also had Round Table pizza for lunch. Gourmet Veggie on pan crust is my all time favorite pizza from there! & of course, got some starbucks to drink. He's at work right now and wednesday is my day off work. Soooo I'm just relaxing at home. I'm about to eat some ribeye steak and mashed potatoes w/ gravy. Trust me, I know how to eat goooood! (I eat a LOT) hehe.

Let's see....plans for tonight is to just stay at home! I want to teach Cupcake some new tricks. All she knows is to sit and shake hands :( I really want to teach her how to beg, lay down, turn in circles. Sooo cute! I'm also going to play some Grand Theft Auto on the xbox later. My goal is to complete the story mode this summer! I never got the chance to. Hahah anywayssss, this is pretty much a boring post. I promise I'll have better ones in the future.

Bye wonderful viewers, I'll talk to you soon!! :D


  1. OMG You remind me a lot of Michelle Phan. Except yuo seem a lot more interesting. You are so Pretty!!!

  2. Aw, you're such a sweetie :) Thanks for commenting my blog! :D