Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My first post!

Hey everyone! Yay, this is my first post EVER on this blogger :) Feel free to 'follow' me so you can get updated with my posts! I plan to update this blogger often since I don't make youtube videos super often. Be prepared to see lots of pictures posted on this website (especially of Cupcake, my puppy)!! I know how much you guys love her :) Well I'm going to go make a youtube video now...hope you come back often! :D

PS. Check out this hilarious picture of Cupcake several months ago...What is on her head is one of those cling-wrap thingsi that you put to cover your food! HHAHAHA! Super cute, right? She hated it though :P And relaaax, it was just on her for a second....no animal cruelty here :P


  1. thank you very much! you're my first comment ever on it, hehehe :D

  2. congratulations on the new blog! can't wait for your upcoming posts! <3